Team management

Time management, timesheets & schedules

Manage & optimize your time management

Your time and that of your employees is valuable.

Manage, master and measure this time with modullo Planning. We offer many tools (planning, web & mobile) to best manage this.

Whether it’s a simple START / STOP score based on arrivals & departures or that these scores are linked to your clients / projects / tasks & folders, modullo allows you to choose the level of precision of your time management.

Regarding your human resources management, you can also manage schedules according to the presence, absence, illnesses & holidays of your employees.

Project / dossier / site / budget management

Link your time management to your projects to measure real profitability.

Compare budgeted, estimated, actual & planned time.

Thanks to our Gantt view, you can track project tasks, manage requirements, and track progress. Our automated red flag & green flag system allows you to anticipate issues of deadline compliance and re-plan problematic tasks.

Project management is linked to your budgets & invoicing and also your purchases.

Manage different types of resources

modullo allows you to time manage your resources, be they personnel, vehicles, machines, meeting rooms, etc.

Encoding fields may vary dynamically according to the type of resource. Your reservation form can be also adapted. Resource types are directly related to user rights (individuals or groups).

Planning management

After-sale file & complete follow-up of the file in relation with your customers and in relation with your suppliers when the repair is subcontracted

Thanks to modullo’s planning management, you can manage your employees schedules via drag & drop.

The copy / paste / move functions let you manage this quickly & efficiently.


Follow in real time the progress of the schedules according to the colour codes :

  • Scheduling management for your sales representatives
  • Management of schedules, appointments & visits of your technicians
  • Invoicing for time
  • Time clocking on smartphone / tablet
  • Automatic creation of travel time according to distance
  • Measure the time spent on the road
    modullo warns your customers when you depart
  • Have your clients signal when the technician leaves following an appointment
Ongoing activities

• Create multiple activities (the next 5 Mondays)
• Create recurring activities (each Monday & Friday)

Sync Outlook / calendar & emails

modullo allows you to synchronize or view your appointments in your usual calendar (Outlook / iPhone / Android), thanks to the Office 365 sharing connector. Link your emails automatically to your clients / projects / folders / offers.

Automated invoicing module

If an activity is billable, modullo will automate the invoicing process. modullo
will take into account the quote, the budget, the invoicing or flat rate and will establish an invoice proposal based on the chosen parameters. The proposal can be adapted by the operator, thanks to the complete information available to him or her.
This invoicing module takes into account the specific customer rate, and / or the specific price of the quote or project.

Reporting & activity monitoring

Thanks to our flexible reporting tool, datawarehouse can track your time, that of your employees, your team, your department or your store.
Compare these activities with the goals set. Notify your employees & automate reminders so your time management is complete. It is the essential tool for measuring your activity & tracking your actual profitability.

Integrate & link with your personnel and payroll administration & your ERP

If you do not use our integrated invoicing solution, you can receive information from your current software and track the information. We have many methods to achieve this:

API Webservices REST – JSON
modullo Scheduler which permits programming synchronization

Export structured flat files (manual or programmed)

Import flat structured files (manual or programmed)

Reporting & alerts

Alerts: Be notified when the activity is not completed on time

  • Resolution time not respected
  • Total duration of resolution not respected
  • Customer dissatisfaction

Thanks to our 4 reporting tools, you can measure the efficiency and profitability of your teams in real time. Create your personalized dashboard.

  • By employee or group of employees
  • By client
  • By file or type of file
  • By intervention or type of intervention
  • By project

Team Management Interface

The schedule view allows you compare and drag and drop tasks or calendars to each other. The GANTT view is an effective means to manage the planning of your projects.

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"When managing a technical team, beyond the management of agendas, it is essential to be able to monitor the performance of each member of the team and to have an overview of current tasks, to be able to plan future tasks for good technical follow-up. modullo offers the advantage of combining calendar management, reports and task creation linked to a customer or product, into a single tool. The quality of the follow-up of our teams is felt by our customers! "
Eric Vandernotte
Technical Manager - NG Partners

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