Customise user rights with modullo

Because not all your users need access to all the data stored in your modullo or you don’t want everyone to be able to edit, export or delete data, you can easily customise your users’ access rights. You can create multiple levels of access according to different user profiles by creating templates. For example, you can give certain rights to the administrative department and other rights to your sales or technical teams. With each new user or reorganisation, simply assign the right template; it’s fast and helps to avoid omissions or errors. Specific rights can be assigned to each profile (template) and for each modullo function. This gives you the opportunity, among other things, to

  • read or edit data
  • create, edit, or delete signage sheets
  • create, export or delete listings, reports and other tables from the datawarehouse
  • assign tasks to other users for each type of task or delete them
  • etc.

In order to make management even easier and more flexible, we have made it possible for you to be completely autonomous in the allocation or modification of rights. So you don’t need our technical support to create a new user and, for added security, only people with administrator rights are allowed to grant access and create templates. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or to arrange a demo.

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