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modullo offers 3 CRMs in one:

1 CRM Opportunities

Sales oriented, modullo allows you to pursue your opportunities and those of your sales team. It offers a solution that manages your calendar appointments and reminders as well as tracking client e-mail.

1 CRM Service

A management tool for internal and/or external technical teams, to follow up after-sales service and ticketing, to liaise with your sales management, to handle your client contracts and budgets. modullo helps you to plan, follow up interventions and prepare your invoicing.

1 CRM backoffice

Internal task management, reminders, track customer accounts, automatic recurring tasks. HR, accounting, purchasing management, modullo supports you in these different procedures.

Effective task management

Organise your tasks according to your needs: by project, by client, by provider, ... Create recurring tasks, shared templates, manage your employees' schedules with ease.

modullo CRM Android

Bring with you all your projects, tasks, timesheets, schedules, projects, customers, points of sale, ... Complete your inspection reports, sales, interventions and timesheets in a modern, ergonomic and fast interface.

Office 365, Exchange, Outlook

Synchronize your tasks and view your schedules and those of your colleagues in Microsoft Office365, Exchange and Outlook tools.

Follow up

Track your client's satisfaction and your prospects. Create your reports and check the profitability of your projects at a glance. Financial and accounting follow-up on all your projects. Print your reports or send them by email.

modullo ShareCenter

With modullo sharecenter, centralise your information & protect your access.

The sharecenter is both a consultation tool for your customers, suppliers and contacts, while also being a consultation tool for your employees.
It can also be used by management to centralise activity reports, or other sensitive documents. General assembly agenda, PV etc …

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modullo CRM contains the following features

modullo CRM Client management
Contact management
Management of projects
Recipient management
Manage service providers
Sales Management
Technical Service Management
Task Management
Hierarchical and grouped tasks
Duplication of tasks
Recurring tasks
QuickTasks (allows the creation of template tasks)
Priority Management & Deadlines
Schedule management
Automated customer mailing
Automated planning via scheduler
Follow up customer satisfaction.
automated and/or manual linking of mails to tasks
linking files to tasks
Visualization of a personal calendar
Visualization of a team calendar
Visualization of a company calendar
SLA Contracts:
Financial monitoring, profitability, accounting
Printing status and miscellaneous reports (A4)
Reports as lists
Reports as pivot tables
Link to Office365, Exchange, Outlook Link
Visualization of unavailability in planning (illness, leave, …)
modullo Tablet Technician offline + sync
Native Windows 8 application
modullo on android smartphone offline + sync
Native android application
modullo on iphone offline + sync
Native IOS application
modullo Customer Zone Online Web

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